Paul Priestman

I am very happy to confirm that we successfully signed a major design contract [...] involving the design of a new high speed 350kmh EMU train. I would like to thank the British European Design Group for their initial introduction and their tireless assistance to Priestman Goode in negotiating a contract of this importance. Thank you again and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with the British European Design Group.

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AACDD at ICFF 2013

01.06.2013 18:49 (0 comments)

From May 18-21 the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora exhibits some of their artists at the biggest interior and furniture design fair in the United States.

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‘Stripcloth Splendours’ at Maison&Objet

31.08.2012 07:46 (0 comments)

Indigenous Traditional Skills and Cultural Identity as ‘Added Value’ in the Contemporary Revival of West Africa’s Textile Heritage

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"Untold Gold" - The 2012 African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Bargehouse Festival

23.08.2012 09:55 (0 comments)

The title of this year’s AACDD Bargehouse Festival ‘Untold Gold’ places the outstandingly beautiful and original work of more than 150 artists and designers from the UK, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean within the unique backdrop and raw space of Bargehouse, London.

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AACDD Black Talent invited from New York to Los Angeles

12.06.2012 12:52 (1 comments)

16 African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Designers invited to exhibit at Dwell 2012 in Los Angeles!

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Other news

Be Original Campaigns Against Counterfeit Design

Be Original Panel

To help build awareness of the negative affect that counterfeited goods has on the design industry, Be Original Americas has launched a membership drive to campaign against knock-off products.

Edra Reveals Italian Furniture Process at DDC


Beginning October 29, visitors to the DDC flagship showroom in New York will be treated to a rare look at the process behind the iconic designs by esteemed Italian furniture makers Edra.

10 Questions With… Harry Allen


Moody, sophisticated, celebratory, and elevated, the Harry Allen aesthetic—eclectic though its manifestations may be—has a few distinct threads running through it: clean lines, conceptual openness, a willingness to dare.

News in brief round-up

A round-up of this week’s news in brief.

Mather & Co designs new Coronation Street visitor experience

Visitors will have the chance to walk the cobbles of the street and visit the Rover’s Return before Granada Studios is demolished.

Jennifer's Kitchen: Moving Right Along — Renovation Diary

Partially renovated small kitchen with sheetrock walls
The kitchen has been fully sheetrocked and the ceiling lights installed. The new electrical panel has been boxed in next to the heat riser in the living room.
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Name: Jennifer Pade
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: West Village, New York, New York
Type of building: 300 square foot apartment in a co-op building

The Renovation Diaries are a collaboration with our community in which we feature your step by step renovation progress and provide monetary support towards getting it done in style. See all of our Reno Diaries here.

This week was stressful, because in addition to the kitchen reno project, work has been very busy, and it looks like I’ll be doing some business travel before the project is complete. And right now the reno project feels a little bit like having a new puppy— you have to keep your eye on it all the time to make sure it doesn't get into trouble! I’m sure it will seem less so over the next few weeks, but right now I hate to leave town when there’s so much going on and so many things to decide!


Jennifer's Kitchen: Some Unexpected Issues — Renovation Diary

This week's view of the whole room from the living room.
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Name: Jennifer Pade
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: West Village, New York, New York
Type of building: 300 square foot apartment in a co-op building

The Renovation Diaries are a collaboration with our community in which we feature your step by step renovation progress and provide monetary support towards getting it done in style. See all of our Reno Diaries here.

Now that the shock of seeing my demolished kitchen and knowing what it’s going to cost to rebuild it has worn off a bit, the project is actually starting to get kind of interesting. Especially since nothing has gone wrong (yet!) and none of my neighbors have complained about anything (yet!) The biggest unexpected bump in the process this week was the plumber’s discovery that the cold water shutoff valve is not in the kitchen next to the hot water shutoff valve — it’s in the bathroom next to the toilet. But after the plumber shut the cold water off, it wouldn’t come back on, because it turns out that the valve and possibly something on the line is broken!


Before & After: A Roof Deck Transformation — Sweeten

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Nate and Michelle’s Greenpoint roof deck had a gorgeous view — but not much else going for it. They wanted to turn this bleak space into an outdoor room, one that would feel like an extension of the rest of their home.


Audemars Piguet: Complications and finishing

There are two characteristics that set apart an Audemars Piguet watch made in La Vallée de Joux; its complications and its finishing. This short video celebrates the meticulous craft of the master “horloger” and the emotions that an Audemars Piguet timepiece provokes in the heart of its owner.

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Wallpaper* explores COS at Salone del Mobile

A champion of simplicity and subtlety the white shirt is central to the COS fashion ethos. Now it has been woven into a new installation: a collaboration with design studio nendo, at Salone del Mobile in Milan. To celebrate, Wallpaper* has commissioned three short films…

Haus Lux by Manfred Lux, Germany

Sited in Schlipsheim, a small and traditional village in the southern German state of Bavaria, the unconventionally shaped Haus Lux was designed by architect Manfred Lux for his own family. In an area where convention and homogeneity in architecture is the norm, Lux managed to sway the 25 local politicians into giving him approval to build a house that is a firm departure from the area's more customary designs, by explaining the importance of this energy-saving design.

Refined and robust at the same time, the house takes its shape directly from its floor plan. Externally, the building seems to twist irregularly, but the architect's intention was to break away from the usual square shape and simply follow the most favourable volume for energy efficiency. 'A sphere is the best form in terms of volume, as there are very few surfaces where the energy is being lost,' says Lux. An all white oak timber exterior, complemented by a grass roof and floor-to-ceiling windows keeps the house cool during the warmer months, while flooding all the internal spaces with natural light and providing 'natural realistic pictures of an ever-changing landscape.'

'There's no end - one step deeper, one step up,' explains Manfred, upon entering the impressive double outward-opening doors into the house. Internally, the house's raw structure is exposed and the clever design is explained further. With a heavy exposed concrete interior and light and airy exterior, the house acts 'as a low tech air conditioner, keeping the temperature of the house constant and comfortable through all seasons.'

The internal surfaces were equally well thought out. The walls for example, follow a design principle originally developed from stonemasons; the surface has been hammered using small stones collected from the rivers in the nearby Austrian Alps. The method perfectly complements the house's concept; it is a design that is both functional and decorative, where the structure becomes at the same time the ornament.


Salone del Mobile 2014: Zurück zum Pop

Zwischen Swinging Sixties und Zirkus: Neuheiten der 53. Mailänder Möbelmesse.

Thema: Wohnen | Kategorie: Stories

Die Weltverbesserer

Mit Hirn, Herz und Vollbart: Wie junge Gestalter die Technik zähmen und ganz nebenbei die Welt ein bisschen freundlicher machen. Ein Nachwuchsbericht aus Mailand.

Magazin | Kategorie: Stories

Das System der Dinge

Eine kleine, aber feine Ausstellung spürt in einer Auswahl biografischer Inspirationsquellen gegenwärtiger Kreativität nach.

Thema: Wohnen | Kategorie: Stories

Hear from the attendees: GREAT Week South Korea

Recently, I wrote a blog on why I think UK companies should attend GREAT Weeks. For my second blog, I let the companies do the talking and asked a couple of our attendees to describe the value they derived from attending … Continue reading

Why UK Companies Should Attend GREAT Weeks

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