Paul Priestman

I am very happy to confirm that we successfully signed a major design contract [...] involving the design of a new high speed 350kmh EMU train. I would like to thank the British European Design Group for their initial introduction and their tireless assistance to Priestman Goode in negotiating a contract of this importance. Thank you again and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with the British European Design Group.

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AACDD at ICFF 2013

01.06.2013 18:49 (0 comments)

From May 18-21 the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora exhibits some of their artists at the biggest interior and furniture design fair in the United States.

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‘Stripcloth Splendours’ at Maison&Objet

31.08.2012 07:46 (0 comments)

Indigenous Traditional Skills and Cultural Identity as ‘Added Value’ in the Contemporary Revival of West Africa’s Textile Heritage

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"Untold Gold" - The 2012 African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Bargehouse Festival

23.08.2012 09:55 (0 comments)

The title of this year’s AACDD Bargehouse Festival ‘Untold Gold’ places the outstandingly beautiful and original work of more than 150 artists and designers from the UK, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean within the unique backdrop and raw space of Bargehouse, London.

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AACDD Black Talent invited from New York to Los Angeles

12.06.2012 12:52 (1 comments)

16 African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Designers invited to exhibit at Dwell 2012 in Los Angeles!

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Other news

Be Original Campaigns Against Counterfeit Design

Be Original Panel

To help build awareness of the negative affect that counterfeited goods has on the design industry, Be Original Americas has launched a membership drive to campaign against knock-off products.

Edra Reveals Italian Furniture Process at DDC


Beginning October 29, visitors to the DDC flagship showroom in New York will be treated to a rare look at the process behind the iconic designs by esteemed Italian furniture makers Edra.

10 Questions With… Harry Allen


Moody, sophisticated, celebratory, and elevated, the Harry Allen aesthetic—eclectic though its manifestations may be—has a few distinct threads running through it: clean lines, conceptual openness, a willingness to dare.

Cancer Research UK announces first creative roster

SomeOne named as lead brand consultancy as Conran Design Group and Purpose appointed as design consultancies.

Richard Turley leaves Bloomberg Businessweek for MTV

Award-winning Bloomberg Businessweek creative director Richard Turley has left the publication to join MTV. 

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Home Stretch — Renovation Diary

If you didn't know that the plumbing wasn't connected and didn't notice the lack of backsplash tile, you'd almost think the kitchen was finished!
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Name: Jennifer Pade
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: West Village, New York, New York
Type of building: 300 square foot apartment in a co-op building

The Renovation Diaries are a collaboration with our community in which we feature your step by step renovation progress and provide monetary support towards getting it done in style. See all of our Reno Diaries here.

On Monday a friend took me to the Brooklyn IKEA to return the cabinetry I didn’t need and to pick up all the pieces we were missing: cabinet pulls and doors, a drawer to go below the oven, and some other small stuff. We spent a ridiculous amount of time waiting in line at IKEA, but it was fun to look at everything, and their customer service is fantastic. It’s kind of like being at Disneyland, except there are no fireworks and the only things to eat are Lingonberry jam and Swedish meatballs. My friend deserves a medal for spending four hours at the store with me. We were both suffering from slightly low blood sugar and Stockholm Syndrome by the time we left the Returns Department.


Jennifer's Kitchen: Hold the Cognac — Renovation Diary

Renovation project in small new york city apartment kitchen
The cabinets, sliding door and most of the appliances have been installed.
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Name: Jennifer Pade
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: West Village, New York, New York
Type of building: 300 square foot apartment in a co-op building

The Renovation Diaries are a collaboration with our community in which we feature your step by step renovation progress and provide monetary support towards getting it done in style. See all of our Reno Diaries here.

Ahhh, week 5. The magical “final” week of my kitchen renovation project. The expectation: during this sublime and special week, all materials arrive on time and undamaged, the carefully-chosen finishes all match perfectly, and everything you’ve ordered is installed with ease and grace. Perfection. You sit, with crystal snifters of cognac (this is the 1970s version), gazing at the perfect kitchen and sighing with pleasure at just how simple it all was.

The reality: sadly, the real version of week 5 has a substantially darker side. An ugly side. A side which make me think that the cognac snifters won’t be arriving anytime soon.


A Serene Oasis for Baby Maxwell — My Room

Name: Maxwell (5 months)
Location: Brooklyn, New York

We put this nursery together when I was 5 months pregnant and still feeling good and full of energy. I was inspired by the realistic looking Hansa stuffed animals and Sharon Montrose's baby animal photographs. I wanted Max to have his own little oasis surrounded by animals and different textures.


Alberto Guardiani's logo lights up in Milan

Continuing its long-running collaboration with Wallpaper*, Alberto Guardiani commissioned London-based set designer and artist Robert Storey to create a special installation for its recently redesigned Milan store during Salone Del Mobile.

Apelle House, Finland, by Marco Casagrande

Designing with a nautical theme can be a tricky business. But in the case of the Apelle house in Karis, in southern Finland, the reference is acceptable. By using locally sourced spruce in a small, 140 sq m home with no internal walls, Helsinki-based architect Marco Casagrande created a continuous, vessel-like home that he describes as 'sailing through the woods'. But the nautical comparison isn't limited to the design. In fact, the carpenters who were hired to build Apelle normally build boats, not buildings.

The new construction, which was completed last year, was the result of careful studies Casagrande made in winter when the area was covered in snow. He aimed to create a home that would stay warm and comfortable in the bitter Finnish winter, but also open to nature in the idyllic summers. The home's four large doors can remain open to let air inside, and multiple shaded patios give the residents spaces to dine and relax outdoors.

The site previously housed a utilitarian shack, and Casagrande believes the former owners of the land were discouraged from building any normal-sized structure, as that would require removing the existing bedrock. Instead, the designer - who has experience building sustainable, humanist architecture and won the European Prize for architecture last September - wanted to create a harmonious connection with nature that would disrupt the landscape as little as possible. The resulting structure, perched on a ridge, is the architect's contemporary take on the traditional tupa, a multifunctional home allowing for a variety of activities.

But keeping the space warm and efficient in the winter dictated most of design. Geothermal pipes provide the home's primary heat, and are augmented by two wood-burning fireplaces: a black-brick one in the front that extends to become a bench that draws warmth from its hearth; and a second-akin to a Swedish stove-near the main sleeping area in the rear. Portholes that face a desk allow direct light into the living area, as do skylights and a glass wall at the entrance that faces west to soak in the setting sun. 'When the sun is circulating, it comes through that skylight and illuminates different parts of the house at different times of the day,' says Casagrande 'and that changing of light inside the house creates such a good feeling.'

Maruni Wood Industry: Salone del Mobile 2014

Japanese furniture brand Maruni lured visitors to its stand at the Salone del Mobile with a new designs by Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison. Here, we explore the secrets behind their seating collection


Schatz aus dem Meer

Salz, wohin das Auge blickt: ein Outdoor-Spa in Slowenien, in dem man in Salzlake baden kann.

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Kommandozentrale mit Panoramafunktion: Der Lounge-Sessel von Nipa Doshi und Jonathan Levien.

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Christopher Jenner

Der Kreativdirektor des Eurostar über zeitreisende Laternen, atmosphärische Ticketschalter und das Übel für jeden Innenarchitekten: gläserne Räume.

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Geoff, Joe and Lesley lead Export Week from the front

Geoff Turnbull makes things. The company he runs, GT Group, is a fantastically successful business in Peterlee and I was delighted to be able to launch Export Week (left)  in the North East from his premises – with Geoff leading … Continue reading

Hear from the attendees: GREAT Week South Korea

Recently, I wrote a blog on why I think UK companies should attend GREAT Weeks. For my second blog, I let the companies do the talking and asked a couple of our attendees to describe the value they derived from attending … Continue reading