Paul Priestman

I am very happy to confirm that we successfully signed a major design contract [...] involving the design of a new high speed 350kmh EMU train. I would like to thank the British European Design Group for their initial introduction and their tireless assistance to Priestman Goode in negotiating a contract of this importance. Thank you again and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with the British European Design Group.

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About us

Since its foundation in 1991 by German born economist and publicist Karin-Beate Phillips, this 100% self-financed, non-profit and non-commercial organisation has achieved an unparalleled track record of success in promoting creative excellence worldwide and in exporting British creativity to global markets.

The British European Design Group helps you

  • PROMOTE your talent in international export markets
  • PARTICIPATE in leading international trade fairs and curated exhibitions
  • JOIN overseas trade missions and seminars
  • OBTAIN government funding for overseas events
  • SELL / NEGOTIATE your design services to international manufacturers
  • SOURCE suitable manufacturing for your products worldwide
  • GET professional advice on marketing, product development & business expansion
  • CONTACT designers, design organisations and institutions around the globe


  • NO annual membership to renew
  • NO expensive overheads to support
  • NO huge organisational costs for you to pay

As part of its international marketing agenda the organisation to date has taken more than 5200 British, British based and foreign companies, organisations, higher academic institutions and individual professionals from all creative disciplines to market, exhibit, promote and sell their skills, services and products in key export markets from America to Asia.

The BEDG’s portfolio of achievements and activities includes more than 108 leading international and national trade fairs, 93 curated exhibitions in many capitals of the world and 64 international seminars, conferences and outward and inward missions from and to the United Kingdom.


The BEDG is an accredited trade organiser for the UKTI TAP - Trade Access Programme. Selected BEDG events are supported by UKTI Creative & Media Sector Panel and UKTI TAP - Trade Access Programme Grants

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Karin-Beate Phillips

Karin-Beate Phillips
Karin-Beate Phillips

A linguist, economist and publicist by profession German born Karin-Beate Phillips acquired her extensive professional expertise in a wide and diverse range of sectors including heavy and light industries, engineering and construction, patenting and licensing, design, textiles and fashion, food, health and cosmetics, journalism, publishing and printing, marketing, branding, advertising and public relations, sponsorship and fundraising, event and museum marketing.

After her move from Germany to London with her family in 1982, she continued to work as a management consultant, journalist and publicist specialising in Anglo-European relations.

In 1991 she founded the BRITISH EUROPEAN DESIGN GROUP (BEDG) to help promote the largely untapped economic potential of Britain’s multinational and multicultural creative talent in such key export markets as Continental Europe and North America.

This work soon extended into other continents - in particular Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and South America - forming a global network of contacts and partners. The BEDG today supports creative excellence in all sectors of the creative industries on a world-wide basis.

Besides her continuing involvement in the running of an organisation dedicated to help develop the business acumen of creative practitioners and professionals Karin-Beate Phillips has been the driving force behind a series of widely recognised initiatives and image campaigns to raise global awareness for the importance of cultural identities in design for national branding.

Her consultancy portfolio includes international corporations, private companies and organisations, government bodies, agencies, institutions and individual clients, for whom she has undertaken large-scale assignments, market studies, product development workshops and CI and branding exercises using her international experience and contacts in a broad spectrum of commercial and cultural sectors.