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The BEDG is a unique organisation with a passion for design at the heart of their foundation. I have exhibited with the group over the last decade and the BEDG have, and continue to be, an integral support structure for my company and many others alike. Perhaps an unsung hero in the journey of the designer and maker but never to be underestimated for their strength, determination and vision in supporting emerging and established British talent.

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Export to stay at home

A unique organisation with a unique mission: Promoting creative excellence worldwide.

Since 1991 the British European Design Group has taken more than 5200 British companies, institutions and individuals in the creative industries to exhibit their products and skills in key export markets around the world and has accessed government and non-government funding for them to do so.

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary at
Maison&Objet, January 23-27, 2015

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A unique Organisation with a unique mission

A unique Organisation with a unique mission

The London based British European Design Group is a key force in the promotion of the UK creative industries in the United Kingdom and around the world.

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How the bedg can help you

How the BEDG can help you

As a non-commercial, non-profit organisation we have no annual membership to renew, no expensive overheads to support and no huge organisational costs for you to pay.

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The BEDG and China


自从2001年起,英国欧洲设计组织就与中国创意产业不同行业中重要的国有和民营企业、协会、组织、机构及公司建立了良好的长期联系和合作。通过这些伙伴关系,英国欧洲设计协会不仅能参加英国贸工部在中国和英国赞助举办和协办的活动,并且能够帮助想在中国开展业务的英国公司与中国的知名企业建 立起直接联系。




Over the past two decades the British European Design Group has helped thousands of designers and design companies showcase their work around the world.

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The BEDG on Twitter

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The BEDG on Facebook

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